Multi Authority ABE-Base Deduplication Scheme for E-Health Cloud Computing

  • P. Pragna Lalitha, Dr.N. Srinivasu


   Cloud computing simplifies the complexity of services provided to the various users and organization. But unfortunately, most of the cloud service provides are have a security and overhead issues. To overcome such difficulties in this system, we're introducing a multi-attribute keypair encryption deduplication strategy by adopting the multi attribute-based encryption and attributes revocation for healthcare systems. In this process we created the deduplication protocol based on attribute authority feature by considering pseudo random key generation factor this mechanism reduce Cloud storage responsibility and multi-attribute revocation are performed by studying the authority key and ciphertext attributes. In addition, the deduplication process minimizes the decryption process by validating there-vocation features which reduce the overhead of customers computation.

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P. Pragna Lalitha, Dr.N. Srinivasu. (2020). Multi Authority ABE-Base Deduplication Scheme for E-Health Cloud Computing. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(3), 8447 - 8455. Retrieved from