The Effect of Human Body on Dynamic Properties of Vehicle Seat

  • Amzar Azizan
  • Fadhilah Mohd Sakri


Although there ismuch research available about the human ride comfort perceived to vibration, however, there is less quantitative data about the effect of vehicle seat dynamics coupled with the human body. The purpose of this paper is to investigate thedynamic response of a vehicle seat structure and occupied the human body. A laboratory experiment was designed to measure theresponse of the combined human body with seat structure when exposed to vibration.  This experiment was conducted to measure the structural resonant frequencies with its corresponding vibration mode of the vehicle seat. From the analysis, the seat poses different resonant frequencies and corresponding vibration modes which were the fore-aft mode, lateral mode and twisting mode. Results showed an increase of resonant frequencies in the correspondingmode (fore-aft, lateral and twisting) in the occupied seat.

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