The Teaching of Natural Disaster Module at English Class in West Aceh

  • Erizar et al.


The purpose of this study is to find out the impacts of teaching of Natural Disaster Teaching Module (NDTM) on English Class in West Aceh. The module was taught in 10 weeks and it consumed 40 hours of the students for finishing the activities given at the end of the module. The students of middle school studying in Government public school in West Aceh were the population of study. The control group as well as the experimental group was of equal size, each having 30 students of 8th class. The significance of the difference between the scores of groups at 0.05 levels was tested by applying t-test. The result of the study showed the difference between the mean scores of the high and low achievers oftheexperimental group in the post-testwas found to be highly significant. The p- value was found 0. 000 ( P< 0.05 ). This result helps to determine the effectiveness of the designed material as a module by identifying the difference from the performance scores of the two groups on post-test. The study also proved that the material designed, which was useful for slow as well as of bright students, enabled the students to comprehend difficult concepts, and kept them on the track.

 Keywords     Teaching, Natural Disaster,Module, English Students, West Aceh

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