Need Analysis of English for Specific Purposes (ESP) at SMK 1 Ternate

  • Roswita M. Aboe ,Anwar Ismail


This study aims to analyze elements of English learning approaches including the teaching materials and the need analysis application based on English for Specific Purposes Pattern of 21st century education. The problem raised from this study refers to some findings that the implementation of needs analysis in vocational schools has not been fulfilled. Departing from the problems above, Vocational High School (SMK I) of Ternate City was chosen with 49 students of Department of Business Travel Tourism (UPW) and Online Business and Marketing and 9 English language teachers and expertise in SMK I Ternate as the subject. This research employed qualitative method by administering questionnaires and interview as the instruments for data collection. While the learning approaches were found to be based on ICT and modern learning, the use of teaching materials were based on the K13 centralized curriculum adjustments in which the use of English textbook similar to those being used in general schools. In addition, the analysis of student needs was based on the elaboration in K13, which carried out only assessment and evaluation while the essence of the ESP Model Need Analysis (NA) cycle in five stages was not carried out in detail based on the pattern.

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