Potential use of Fuel Cell as Electricity Generation in Malysia: A Review*

  • SM. Shafie et al.


The world is in the exploration for new energy resources that can substitute the dominion of fossil fuel in electricity generation. Recently, fuel cell has been addressed as a solution. Currently, an increasing number of studies are focusing on fuel cell as a source to generate electricity. In Malaysia, an average of 86% of electricity is generated from fossil fuel. Therefore, there is a need to explore a variety of alternative energy resources that can generate electricity by decreasing the nation’s dependence on conventional ways. As a tropical country, Malaysia is rich in biomass resources that can be combined with fuel cell for electricity generation. This paper aimed to explore the potential use of fuel cell in the electricity generation sector. Hopefully, the outcome of this paper could serve as a guideline for the development of fuel cell in electricity generation in Malaysia.

Keywords: Fuel cell; electricity generation; Malaysia

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