Pregnant Women's Perspectives on Choosing Caesarean Section Delivery in Developing Countries: A Scoping Review

  • Maisaroh Nurasih , Cesa Septiana Pratiwi


Caesarean Section (SC) is increasing worldwide that includes in developing countries. The current increase in SC is not only done based on medical indication, but is also done at the request of the mother. Fear is likely the reason for mothers to ask to do SC. In addition, previous negative experiences and social and cultural factors can influence the decisions of pregnant women’s. The role of health education is very influential in decreasing the number of SC. The lack of information sources obtained may affect the decision of SC delivery. The objective of this study is to find out the perspectives of mothers who choose SC delivery in developing countries. Scoping Review is designed to map the evidence based choice of SC delivery among pregnant women. The main searching terms are developed and mapped. Identification of the articles uses PubMed, Wiley, ScienceDirect and EBSCO databases from 2009 to 2019. From 258 articles, five articles were obtained based on inclusion and exclusion criteria. This research is qualitative, Cross Sectional, Mix Methods. The articles obtained from developing countries consist of 2 Iranian articles, 1 Jordan article, 1 Cambodian article and 1 Nigerian article. There are two theme findings related to mothers’ choice, namely factors that influence the decision of SC deliveries and the role of health education. Antenatal education is not only given to pregnant women, but also involves the husband and family that may influence SC decision making.

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