Knowledge and Understanding of Google Classroom as a Teaching and Learning Tool: A Case Study

  • Gurnam Kaur Sidhu et al.


This case study explores pre-service teachers’ knowledge and understanding of using Google Classroom as a tool in the teaching and learning process and the challenges they faced. The study was conducted at a private university located in the Klang valley in Malaysia. The study adopted a mixed-method research design involving a total population of two intact classrooms of pre-service teachers who were involved in employing the Google Classroom for one semester of their study. Data were collected through a questionnaire involving 61 respondents and semi structured interviews with seven respondents. The findings of this paper indicated that respondents possessed moderate knowledge and understanding of employing Google Classroom in the teaching and learning process. Interviews further indicated that students were well aware of Google applications and were able to apply them in preparing lesson plans, submitting materials and using them in their daily life. The main challenges highlighted were limited connectivity, and managing large class enrolments. Shortcomings of Google Classroom lay in the inability to connect all students simultaneously and visibility of  whether students were online or not. This study implies that future teachers need to possess a higher level of knowledge and understanding so that they can confidently embrace ICT tools like Google classroom applications for future 21st century technology enhanced classrooms.

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