Assessing Future Consumer Perceived Value on Proton-Geely Products

  • Siti Zaleha Sahak et al.


Beginning 2017, Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional Holdings Berhad (Proton Holdings Berhad), a Malaysian car producer has collaborated with Geely Zhejiang Holding, a Chinese car manufacturer. The first model of Proton-Geely product is expected to launch in Malaysia in 2018. What motivated this study was a query on how future customers will perceive Proton-Geely products and what determines its perceived value, considering prior to the partnership, most Malaysian consumers tend to have a negative perception on Proton as a brand. The literature has indicated that perceived value is significantly important in determining customer satisfaction. There were 234 respondents who participated in this study. They were postgraduate students from Malaysian universities. The questionnaire was distributed to the respondents through face to face meetings and online. The data gathered were analysed using SPSS. Overall, the findings of the descriptive analysis showed that the respondents demonstrated positive perceived value towards Proton-Geely. The results of multiple regression analysis indicated that the only significant factor that influences the respondents' perceived value towards Proton-Geely products was perceived quality. Product price and country of origin image were found to be regarded as non-significant in determining the respondents’ perceived value. The implication of the study and suggestion for future research are highlighted. 

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