Factors Affecting Innovative Work Behavior:

A Case of Manufacturing Company in Malaysia

  • Saraih Ummi Naiemah et al.


Innovative Work Behaviour (IWB) among employees is very important as it could affects the work performance and sustainability of organizations. This study aims to investigate the impacts of training and development, personality, and organizational culture on IWB. Quantitative method was used where a set of questionnaire was distributed among 200 employees at one manufacturing company located in Kedah, Malaysia. The results presented significant relationships between training and development and IWB (r=0.65, p<0.01); personality and IWB (r=0.64, p<0.01); and organizational culture and IWB (r=0.70, p<0.01). Thus, the appropriate activities should be designed to enhance IWB of employees in the aspects of training and development, personality and organizational culture. Several suggestions for the future study has also been discussed.

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