Motivation Level of Middle School Students to Learn English as a Foreign Language

A Case Study in China

  • Wang Nana
  • Gurnam Kaur Sidhu


English is fast becoming a second language of choice among many students in China as it is not only a language for information but also a language for trade and commerce. Motivation is often seen as an important contributory factor in the acquisition of any language including English. This paper explores the motivation level of middle school students to learn English as a Foreign Language (EFL). The study involved 487 students from three middle schools located in Kaili, Southwest China. The study involved a mixed-method research design where data were collected via a questionnaire and semi-structured interviews. Research findings indicated that the students are motivated to learn EFL and they were slightly more extrinsically motivated. The results also showed that there was a significant difference in the motivation levels based on gender with the females indicating a higher level of motivation. Similar sentiments on the motivation level were also expressed by respondents during the semi-structured interviews. All these findings indicate that a majority of middle school students in China are motivated to learn EFL as they see the importance of English in the world today.

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