Adoption and Popularity of Adult Education

  • Dr Irshad Ullah
  • Dr Aamna Irshad


Adult education is a process to give the adults new dimension of knowledge and skills; values and attitude in well organized way so that they become able to perform better in the society. This may goes beyond the traditional school education that is to give basic literacy to personal fulfillment.  All nations require adult education for the economic development as life-long learning is being recognized by educational institutions. In this scenario, many countries are adopting adult education and this sort of education is taking popularity due to its wide scope. This study focused on the overview of adoption and popularity of adult education. The objective of the study was to analyze that how important is the adult education for society development. Furthermore, it was studied that how much this type of education is helpful in overcoming the educational need of the nation.  In this research, a documentary analysis along with some experimental execution was taken from policies, available literature, research articles and any other related information to analyze and discuss the adoption and popularity from global perspectives. The study concluded that to achieve the goal of economic growth is only possible when all masses will be engaged irrespective of gender and age. As now international educational institutions are offering continuing education, online courses, distance education, non formal education etc. In which learners and teachers are far from each other but teaching-learning process is the critical factor during the whole educational cycle, so it is recommended that for the economic development, it is dire need to focus on the access of adult education. 

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