Is B2B marketing enable in value-in-use? The co-creation perspective

  • Abbott Po Shun Chen
  • Jung-Hsuan Wang


The current era change of traditional industries, if it is impossible to change the marketing model or industrial upgrading, traditional industries will tend to sunset industry, but most of them do not mention how comprehensive integration methods and systematic data analysis. How to use the issues of co-creation economy and cultural marketing is the development trend of the traditional cake industry. The cooperative modes that can participate together can not be eliminated by the times and continue to be sustainable. They use the analytic network process (ANP) as a decision-making tool to find out the relative importance weights among various goals, sub-goals and criteria. Super Decision software analyzes the data collected to find out the direction of change, so based on the results of this study, we explored the practical advice between the co-creation and cake industry.

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