An Agricultural-Related Information Elements And Provision For Agripreneurship One-Stop Information Portal

  • Ana Nabilah Sa’uadi
  • Safawi Abdul Rahman


Unemployment and job creation is one of the big issues after student graduation. Agriculture is one of the main sectors that provides employment and job opportunities for graduates in many countries over the world. In Malaysia, one of the government initiatives is the Agricultural NKEA of Malaysia’s ETP that put emphasis on the agri-based entrepreneurship in aquaculture, organic farming, seaweed farming, herbal products, fruits and vegetables and premium processed food. On top of firm physical infrastructures and monetary aids in operating those initiatives, information management plays its role by the provision of integrated information services composing all critical aspects of agricultural-based agripreneurship. However, an initial scrutiny on agricultural-centric web portals provided by government’s agricultural-related departments and agencies indicated that agricultural information resources, services and products are isolated and scattered. This circumstance may strain potential entrance to explore opportunities and employment in agricultural-based business or agripreneurship. Subsequently, this paper reports the examination of relevant and critical online information resources and services provided and available from governments’ agricultural-related departments and agencies. The potential outcome of the proposed study partly presented in this paper is the identification of the uniformed, integrated, and critical agripreneurship information resources, services and products into a framework of online agripreneurship one-stop information portal retrievable by potential agropreneurs for know-what, know-when, know-why, know-who, know-where and know-how pertaining to the agripreneurship.

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