Sustainability of Micro Entrepreneurs and Empowerment Perception:

An Empirical Study in Indonesia

  • Sabrina O. Sihombing
  • Yohana F. Cahya Palupi Meilani


This study aims to identify factors that support the sustainability of micro entrepreneurs and perceptions of entrepreneurs on economic empowerment, individual empowerment, family empowerment, and social empowerment. This study includes 294 micro entrepreneurs in Indonesia. The results show that there are 5 main factors for the sustainability of micro entrepreneurs: capital, place / location, family support, regular customers, and trading skills. As for respondents' perceptions of empowerment carried out by microfinance institutions where they become members can be differentiated into individual empowerment, empowerment for families, and empowerment for the social.

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Sihombing, S. O., & Palupi Meilani, Y. F. C. (2019). Sustainability of Micro Entrepreneurs and Empowerment Perception:: An Empirical Study in Indonesia. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 28(8s), 405 - 412. Retrieved from