Emerging Affordable and Sustainable Housing: A Conceptual Review

  • Nadzirah Zainordin
  • Yeo Wen Yin


Affordable housing is a program that introduced by the government to improve housing affordability which ensure every income earner group could afford houses, especially for low-income households. Affordable sustainable housing project has no clear definition so far but the concept of needs, which seeks to ensure that the essential needs of the poor are adequately met; and the need for addressing every limitation arising from the use of technology and activities of social elements affecting the environment’s ability to meet the present and future needs, may to consider to define as general idea. This paper its to study the emergence criteria of affordable housing and sustainable housing concept to be inline by answering the term of affordable sustainable housing project. By using the latest 10 years of publication for extensive literature review methodology perhaps may contribute in enhancing the existing knowledge.

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