Antecedents of Interethnic Bridging Social Capital Score among Gen Y in Malaysia

  • Maheran Katan
  • Rachel Samuel
  • Nasreen Miza Hilmy Nasrijal
  • Tan Gek Siang
  • Nasharudin Mat Isa


Given Malaysia is a plural country with three main ethnic groups; Malay, Chinese and Indians, understanding the interethnic bridging social capital (IBSC) is crucial. IBSC is the level of trust and networks between ethnic groups. The objectives of this study are to investigate the level of IBSC Score among Gen Y and to identify factors influencing IBSC Score. This is an important issue because interethnic ties provide essential links to economic opportunity and help contain conflicts among different racial groups. Quantitative research is carried out using questionnaire survey. The respondents are Gen Y born from 1981-1999 from the northern, eastern, central and southern regions of Malaysia. A total of 796 usable questionnaire responses were analyzed. The results indicated that the level of IBSC Score among respondents is unsatisfactory. Interethnic Cultural Sensitivity and Social Media have positive and significant impact on IBSC Score. The findings of this study can be valuable inputs for constructive public policy and employer initiatives.

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Katan, M., Samuel, R., Nasrijal, N. M. H., Siang, T. G., & Isa, N. M. (2019). Antecedents of Interethnic Bridging Social Capital Score among Gen Y in Malaysia. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 28(8s), 216 - 225. Retrieved from