Smart Portage Pack Orderlines

  • Vishnu Murthy. K, Melfa Shen. A, Parthiban. P, Poorani. R, Preetha. R


Nowadays, many different kinds of delivery companies transport their own kinds of parcels and offer their own services, which have caused a lot of waste of resources. In addition, the volume of parcels in all cities that need to be delivered has been grown dramatically. To cope with these problems, a uniform parcel delivery system in a smart city that can offer service to all kinds of customers in the city. In this project, when the delivery is about to dispatch we received a message before the delivery. As the delivery man reaches the place to verify the address, we place the QR code and that code can be viewed by any scanner app. Once the lock is open, the GSM module generates the OTP for the delivery person as well as to the customer. If the OTP is correct, the box will open for a span of seconds and it will automatically get closed. The weight sensor placed inside the box is used to check the package is kept or not, which ranges up to 10kg. When weight excess, the message will be sent to the customer with the problem statement. In addition, if the box is misplaced the alarm will ON and we’ll be able to track the location by using GSM. This system reduces human time, efforts and cost as well as power failure.

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Vishnu Murthy. K, Melfa Shen. A, Parthiban. P, Poorani. R, Preetha. R. (2020). Smart Portage Pack Orderlines. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(4s), 2147 - 2151. Retrieved from