Classroom Management in Mathematics Class: University Students’ Perception

  • Ahmad, Eka Setyaningsih


Classroom management is an important undertaking in the education sector. In enables teachers to deliver instructions and support students to achieve their full potential. It is imperative to state that teachers strive to keep the class environment free from any kind of disruption to ensure that learning goals are achieved. The process entails managing the behaviors and actions of learners and motivating them to engage in class activities. Thus, classroom management has become an important part of the teaching process. The present study aimed to determine students' perceptions toward classroom management in Mathematics Class at the mathematics department of Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto. In the study, a survey method was used to obtained information from a sample population of 120 students. The questionnaires were based on five primary indicators that included class arrangement, discipline enforcement, students’ behavior control, communication with students, and effective class organization.  The results showed that students had a positive perception of class management employed by the lecturer. However, further investigations are required to determine how each of the five indicators affects performance in mathematics.

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