Occupational Stress among the Employees in the Insurance Sector

  • Varsha Kaveramma M S, Dr. Lijeesh P


Stress is a part of every job these days. Employees in all professions experience stress in some formor the otherirrespective of which sector they belong to and the Insurance sector is no exception. Modern lifestyle, competition from contemporaries, job targets and need to meet various demands at work has amplified stress among employees of the insurance industry largely. This paper is a discussion on job stress among the employees in the private and public insurance sectors and it mainly aims at identifying the ‘job stressors’ contributing to occupational stress, and the influence of demographic factors on occupation stress. A sample of 150 employees wasdrawn from private and public insurance companies namely, LIC and Bajaj Allianz operating in Bangalore. Primary data were collected through the questionnaire method by adopting a convenient sampling method. It is observed that there is no much difference in the occupational stress experienced by employees in both public and private sector and year of experience in the employment plays an important role in creating job stress among the employees.

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