Cost Minimization Scheme in a Microgrid using Firefly Algorithm

  • G.S.Gayathri, V.Annapeachi


Distributed Energy resources is one of the solution to the continual increases of energy demand in the power system. The distributed energy resources with Microgrid is a Multi-objective problem, here the MicroGridsconsist of pvcell , wind turbine (WT), micro turbine (MT), diesel generator and fuel cell (FC).By using Firefly Algorithm the optimal configuration of microgrid unit is obtained. The primary objective is to obtain the minimum fuel cost of microgrid units. By using the minimum fuel cost function, the secondary objective is attained which is minimized operating and maintenance cost of the microgrid units. Here, the key objective is to minimize the fuel cost of microgrid units.By using Matlab(R2019)/ Simulink platform the result is obtained and its effectiveness is compared with online management cost.

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