Wind Turbine Design for Urban Area Energy Production

  • Alvin Yap Chee Wei, Bryan Ooi, Hengameh Farahpour


Design of small wind turbines for the urban setting attracts increasing interest within the scientific community, but the adoption of a proper mechanical and electrical system may be just as important, especially in high turbulent winds, where such energy conversion devices should ideally operate. In this study, based on the results of wind data analysis in assumed urban area, the wind turbine design has been acquired in both mechanical and the electrical aspects. As the project carries forward, some issues faced made it necessary to modify one element in the mechanical components and electrical component each. As a result, a vertical wind turbine has been constructed and tested. Then wind turbine performance has been measured and compared exposed to natural wind resources and controlled wind current. Results shows natural winds are able to contribute to the generation of electricity in the prototype. This results have been evaluated through controlled wind current test in the laboratory.

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