Parameters optimization in Wastewater Treatment System

  • Ir. Ilanur Muhaini Mohd Noor


The research aim is to evaluate bio-inspired approach in controlling wastewater treatment which is a necessity in each factory. The process of wastewater treatment is difficult because of the non-linearity of pH (one of the parameter involved in the treatment system). This research highlights a powerful procedure to handle concentration in wastewater preserve process. The leading concept is to examine the effectiveness of a fuzzy judgement controller and boost that by using bio-inspired technological knowledge, utilizing Particle Swarm Optimisation (PSO). The proposed optimisation using PSO has conquered the issue of quick convergence in the typical fuzzy judgement controller algorithm specifically evaluated using MATLAB. This technique was carried out with the combination of PSO algorithm and fuzzy judgement to regulate the velocity coefficients with acceleration formula of each particle. The proposed system include Internet of Things (IoT) which allow the wastewater treatment operator to access and monitor the status of the wastewater treatment parameters remotely by smart phone. The proposed optimised design will not only warn operators, but save the energy and time taken to neutralize the wastewater treatment. This will furthermore reduce the wastage of chemicals used in treating the acidic or alkalinity of the wastewater and optimised the electrical energy used by the pumps in the plant.

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