Indian Sculptural Art of Jaina Images from the Prachi Valley of Odisha in Eastern India

  • Dr. Ratnakar Mohapatra


Prachi Valley is well-known for its amazing antiquities and religious sanctuaries in Odisha of Eastern India. On the basis of the available Jainaimages , the Prachi Valley is considered as an important place of Jaina heritage in Odisha. The Prachi valleywas a centre of Jainism during the medieval period as evidenced by the available of old  JainaTirthankara images of that period noticed in the different sites of it. Really, the Prachi Valley has produced an excellent trend of sculptural activities in Odisha of Eastern India.  As agood number of images of various sects arefound in the different places of the Prachi Valley. Henceforth, the Prachi Valley is amotivating study area for the scholars of art history. In the present piece of work, the authoris merelylimited to the Jainasculptures of the Prachi valley of Odisha. The extant Jainaimages of Prachi valley were made by the artists of Kalingan School of artists of Odisha. The rare Jainaimages found from the different shrines of Prachi Valley epitomise the iconographic features of the Odishan classical art of the medieval period. The study of Jainaimages of the Prachi Valley of Odisha is one of the fascinating aspects of the Jaina art of India. In fact, the extant Jaina sculpturesprovethat during the medieval period, Jainism was prevalent in the region of Prachi valley ofOdisha in Eastern India.

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