Data Transmission Using Li-Fi Technique

  • Zahraa Tareq Aldarkazaly, Manal Fadhil Younus, Zainab Salim Alwan


Light fidelity (Li-Fi) technology is a wireless communication system that utilizes visible light spectrum to transmit data with high speed and secure manner compared to the traditional Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) architecture. In this paper a smartphone is used in Li-Fi communication system. The aim of this proposed approach is to maximize the bit rate with high accuracy by using the flashlight of built-in smartphone camera as a source to send data and detect the effect of using a built-in smartphone ambient light sensor and external light detector sensors that is connected to Arduino UNO circuit to receive data. Four practical experiments were conducted to discover which light sensor accomplish higher data bit rate and tested the system performance under changing the distance between transmitter and receiver. The evaluation results demonstrated that the data bit rate is better with the proposed research than the others, where it reached more than 100 bps with accuracy 100%.

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