OFDM Based Energy Detection Algorithm for Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks

  • G. A. Pethunachiyar, B. Sankaragomathi


            In the world of Wireless, the spectrum constraint is always existing even though the  spectrum available in the licensed bandwidth wasted because of the less utilization of the available spectrum . The intelligence of Cognitive Radio Technology is used here for the efficient utilization of the resources. It helps in detecting the available bandwidth automatically and to access the available channels for communication. The proposed system aims to maximize the utilitarian and mitigate the interference between the users. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing(OFDM) based energy detection is used for spectrum sensing and efficient detection of the licensed user at the spectrum and identifies the spectrum hole effectively. In the proposed work, the OFDM base band signal is generated with the Quadrature Phase Shift Keying Modulated Input as a first process . Subsequently, it is integrated with the Energy detection spectrum sensing to detect the user in an efficient manner. The obtained results of  probability of detection, probability of false alarm, probability of missed detection for different signal to noise ratio values are analyzed.

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