Securing Medical Records for Insurance Claims using Blockchain Technology

  • Farhad Bharucha, Renish Kumar Kothadiya, TYJ Naga Malleswari


Blockchain, the technology that has revolutionized cryptocurrencies, is finding applications in many other fields, including CyberSecurity, Cryptography and Data security among many others. Blockchain also supplants the methodologies used to manage the privacy and anonymity of users in conventional systems. Since the introduction of Blockchain, various research has been undergone which demonstrates techniques and algorithms which can be used to manage the access control of data in such systems. In recent years Blockchain Technology has grown in multiple sectors such as Smart Home, Healthcare, Banking, Information Storage Management, Security, etc. This paper is concerned with the medical industry which has shown great economic incentive towards adopting an efficient and secure technique for serving and expanding healthcare and medical information services to patients. Using a blockchain, this can be done while maintaining privacy and security in the process of distributing patients’ data to medical practitioners and the concerned authorities. In the medical industry, one of the primary concerns is with the security and privacy of the data due to the interoperability of the several stakeholders in the process. One such scenario is medical insurance claims, where the validation and verification of multiple stakeholders is necessary. Therefore, maintaining the security, integrity and accuracy of data is achieved with the help of a Blockchain as a transition and access management system and utilises a suitable medium for delivering precise and trusted data to medical authorities, government officials as well as the patients. The paper aims to implement a decentralized Blockchain network to which medical industry can securely upload records, cost of surgery, proof of surgery, etc. eliminating the requirement for a third party to validate and verify patient data, manage database access privileges and oversee security and privacy concerns with the utilization of cloud computing concepts.

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