LoRa (Long Range) based Agriculture Monitoring System with Predictive Analysis

  • G. Abinaya, Pijush Meher, Nelluri Harinadh, Saransh Shrivastava


Irrigation plays a crucial role in the agriculture field. The watering system across the world still use the conventional method, which mainly causes inefficient use of water. Global warming is one of the important causes of the scarcity of water in past years.  This water scarcity is increasing day by day, so in order to save water, efficient use of water resources is very necessary for every field. This system helps to use water resources in the crop land in an efficient manner. This proposed paper implements a Long Range based monitoring system on agricultural land to automate the watering of the plant. This system is based on the IoT, so each component is connected through Internet and network. This system comprises of microcontroller like Node MCU and some sensor. In this system the LoRa module is used which enhance the communication of data to a large distance, so by using this Long-range communication sensor data can be transmitted to a long distance where the central Node MCU will be located. The Central MCU is joined to the Internet so that the data can be uploaded to the cloud server for performing analysis. The MCU is programmed in such a way that if the water content of soil goes down, it will turn ON the pump and sprinkler placed in the field. Again, When the water content comes back to standard level, it automatically turns off the watering system. The system will be only accessible to admin and legit user. The system is also having a defense mechanism against denial of service attack so that the legit user can access the system without any error.

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G. Abinaya, Pijush Meher, Nelluri Harinadh, Saransh Shrivastava. (2020). LoRa (Long Range) based Agriculture Monitoring System with Predictive Analysis. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(3), 7127 - 7133. Retrieved from https://sersc.org/journals/index.php/IJAST/article/view/7574