Study on Digital Image Forgery Detection

  • T. Daniya, N.R Gladiss Merlin, R.Cristin


The need for the forgery detection algorithm is increasing because of the rapid growth and availability of the imaging processing software’s and the advancements made in digital cameras. Moreover, the necessity ascends because of the bearing of image originality in different environment such as forensic investigation, criminal investigation, law enforcement, journalist photography etc. A minute mislead in the authenticity have greater effect. Moreover in the present information era, the massive images are available in the internet. For any malicious purpose, the image from the web can be collected and altered for the planned purpose. Image forgery detection technique aims to authenticate the originality of the image and localize the tampered region in the image. This area of research is relatively new and only few contributions have been made that relate to the detection of the image forgeries. Forgery detection is the view point of this research. For any investigation to be held it is important to know about the existing concepts and methodologies in the corresponding filed. Only through thorough analysis, the fact for incorporating new concepts can be made. In such cases, the literature is the viable solution.

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