Providing Best Employee Rewards using Decision Support System Method

  • Cecep Kustandi, Andi Reni, Hariyadi, Toto Suharto, Novia Lestari


Employees are people who deserve to be maintained in a company. Each employee has the duties and functions of each work. To maintain the level of employee performance, every company always gives rewards to employees nominated according to the company. Employees who get rewards are individual employees who work hard and have high competitiveness so they can excel in various situations. However, the company experienced problems in determining which employees were eligible to receive rewards. Decision support systems can be used to assist companies in determining or recommending which employees are eligible for compensation. The Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) method is one of the proper methods used to provide recommendations for evaluating outstanding employees. Several criteria can determine how decent the employee is. By applying the SAW method, it is expected that companies can determine employees who are eligible to receive fair and equitable rewards. Employees can obtain eligibility with transparent values ​​, thereby reducing the level of suspicion among fellow employees.

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