Adoption and Awareness of Industry 4.0 in Logistics Industry

  • Tanu Manocha, Dr. M. Sahni, Dr. Vibha Dua Satija


With the increasing penetration of Industry and growing viability of digital technology, the industries are shifting towards more innovative digitized technology, or we can say industries are moving towards industry 4.0.It is important to be aware of Industry 4.0 in today’s era. Upcoming innovative technologies, in industry 4.0 have transformed the way of doing business process, making an organization into smart organizations. This research paper focuses on the awareness and adoption of industry 4.0 by the people who are working in various industries. It is also to understand whether the organizations have adopted with the latest technology, or in the process of adoption of technology. The study also identifies the various drivers and challenges that the organization have to face in the implementation of industry 4.0.

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