• K. Anuradha ,S. Nirmala Sugirtha Rajini, T.Bhuvaneswari,Viji Vinod


The important goal and achievements in IOT platform are highly secure and easy access of smart locker system. Security plays on crucial place whereas like offices, home, banks etc. Always there is a need for security in society. The security threat has overcome through the proposed system. The Locker security system is  based on RFID, Password, OTP with GSM technology and Biometric Finger print sensor. During the login operation user first swipe RFID tag on the RFID reader, if it matches then the authorized person can enter the password. If the password is correct it will generate random password (OTP) using GSM technology. The OTP messages send through GSM to the authorized person’s mobile phone as SMS. Then the OTP was verified and then finger print of authentic person will be scanned. If the finger print was correct, authorized person, can see the display in LCD. If all the conditions are matched then the microcontroller processes the data and correspondingly drives the locker to operate then the door will be opened. The proposed system activates, authenticates and validates the user and then unlocks the locker door.

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T.Bhuvaneswari,Viji Vinod, K. A. ,S. N. S. R. (2020). SAFETY SACKET SECURITY SYSTEM USING ARDUINO-BOARD. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(4s), 1955 - 1961. Retrieved from