Community-based Rehabilitation of Person with disabilities for Livelihood Interventions

  • Dr.K.M. Ashifa


Persons with disabilities are individuals with any of the disabilities physically and psychologically impaired, whether partial or temporary. The life events of a person are profoundly depressed and maybe current since birth or otherwise occur during the time of an individual. Self-help community creation is a significant method used in promoting target population activity as a cohesive entity of higher bargaining power. Disabled people offer various rehabilitation programs to improve their livelihoods. Persons with disabilities were involved in a condition that resolutions such as housing and special schools were drawn up to separate them.  Policies now take several days for public and training insertion, and medically intensive solutions provide additional methods for working together to realize that persons are as well as their bodies disabled by environmentally friendly problems. This study aims to identify the needs and their difficulties that are faced in society and helps to solve them. It also reveals the exclusion of a person with disabilities in the current scenario. This study finally helps to solve the problems of the disabled and provides provisions of community-based rehabilitation for the livelihood.

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