• Roza Yenita, Robinson Situmorang, Suyitno, Jhoni Lagun Siang


This research aims to obtain a character-based PPKN instructional design. Research conducted in SMPN Bekasi City. Method used method of mix method (quantitative and qualitative) and using R&D research method of Dick and Carey. The results of the study showed, (1) The application of 5S (smile, greeting, greeting, polite, and polite) so that students familiarize themselves in daily life. But some students are only polite to the class teachers while their other teachers are blase, (2) The value of religious characters is developed through Dhuha prayers, reading Al-Quran, while non-Muslims have spiritual guidance. The character development of honest attitudes is developed through honesty cafeteria which is managed by students. In addition, love hygiene characters are developed through loving environments, the hygiene competitions are done every day. For the cleanest class will be rewarded by the school principal in the form of a rotating trophy, while the dirty class, will be given sanctions for clearing trash in the school environment, (3) The character values are integrated into various Extracurricular arts activities, such as dance, art, music that can bring the value of beauty to students. 

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Suyitno, Jhoni Lagun Siang, R. Y. R. S. (2020). CHARACTER-BASED PPKN INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN IN SMPN BEKASI CITY. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(4s), 1733 - 1743. Retrieved from