• Bambang Sumadyo,Elyza Martiarini, Heppy Atmapratiwi,Nurhayati, Yulia Agustin, Yayan Sudrajat


The problem of character is not something new for the Indonesia. With the provision of glorious character, we are known all over the world as a nation with the language hospitality. The nation's character is seen as a system of cultural values and beliefs existing in the culture of society and become the main character of its nation, so it is highly responded as a social identity. However, at this time we have serious issues where a number of deviations occur on various sides of  life. Character education is considered to be necessarily developed. Building the nation’s character is a big idea that was coined by the nation’s founder who viewed that as a big nation consisting of unique diversity cultures, we need to have the same overall cultural prospective. it is very important to equalize views and understandings for the common welfare and prosperity of all the Indonesia. The alternative way to realize that right is by word processing business. This research is aimed at gaining a deep understanding to the readers about how important a character is in a better nation’s development. This research is conducted by recording and analysing available words and surveying to citizens to get respond related to character.

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