Smart Irrigation with Intelligent Water Supply System

  • V.Srimaheswaran, Sivaji Manjunath, V.Harish, M.Akila, V.Sekhar


The intelligent facility system is introduced to optimize the utilization of facility for agricultural crops and conjointly provides the knowledge concerning type field despite the fact that farmer is for manner from the sphere and makes use to supply the facility for entire crop with a whole automation. This project is created to style the water irrigation system supported with Arduino microcontroller board. In space wherever low rain happens or just in case of inadequate rain takes place, irrigation becomes troublesome. And conjointly power supply for agriculture isn't in day time solely the availability may be conjointly provided in evening time also throughout evening time the farmer cannot visit their field to switch motor ON and OFF and it's issue to visualize the water level and also wet level, thus so as to avoid this recoil we tend to came up with an inspiration termed as intelligent facility for agriculture .The need to automatic for correct facility and scale back farmer time and work. Just in case the farmer isn't on the market for irrigation each time, then this method is incredibly helpful. So, economical water management makes a vital role within the irrigated agricultural systems. This project is style to style and develops an occasional price system that relies on water design and develops an occasional prices system that relies on water irrigation system exploitation Arduino board. This Project uses amount gift in agriculture field. The project uses Arduino small controller that is controller to the full method of Irrigation. The aim of the implementation was to demonstrate that the water irrigation often won’t to scale back water use.

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