Ambidextrous Leadership Influent Toce on Team Creativity, Team Innovation and Team Performance

  • Diena Dwidienawati, Mts Arief, Dyah Gandasari, Yosef Dedy Pradipto


Innovation is widely regarded as a key factor for creating both societal and economic progress. Studies show that innovation is one of key factor for firms’ survival, success and sustainable competitive advantages.  Leadership is reported to be one of the most important predictors of innovation. Transformational Leadership style is considered as the most suitable type of leadership which can influence innovation. However, the impact of transformational leadership to innovation is not consistent.  Recognizing that innovation is a complex concept which requires to both explore and exploit in a non-linear sequence, therefore it is not enough for leader to have only one specific leadership style. Ambidextrous leadership style, which has both opening and closing leadership behaviours, is considered to be more effective in the work of innovation. This study aims to provide further empirical evidence of the link between ambidextrous leadership style with team creativity and innovation as well as relationship between team creativity and team innovation and how team innovation influences team performance.  Quantitative descriptive study was conducted to 144 senior staff and managers from various industry in several cities in Indonesia.  Structured questionnaire was designed for respondent to rate their leaders leadership style, team creativity, team innovation and team performance.  Data was analysed was using SEM-AMOS.  The result of the study showed that there were positive links between ambidextrous leadership to team creativity and to team innovation. Positive relationship was also confirmed between team creativity and team innovation. This study also confirm the influence of team innovation to team performance. This study contribute to ambidextrous leadership theory as well as leadership to innovation literature, especially in Indonesia context.  The managerial contribution is giving insight to organization how important for leader to be able to explore and exploit in the work of innovation.

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Dyah Gandasari, Yosef Dedy Pradipto, D. D. M. A. (2020). Ambidextrous Leadership Influent Toce on Team Creativity, Team Innovation and Team Performance. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(3), 6268 - 6279. Retrieved from