Green product technologies in view of customer perception and preparedness

  • Savita Panwar, Dr. Sunishtha Dhaka


The growing thrust of different economies on environment protection, energy conservation and ecological balance, has motivated businesses around the world to adopt an environment friendly business model. In such a scenario terms like Environmental marketing or Green Marketing are a common parlance. Although businesses are responding to the need of cleaner and safer environment, a major challenge facing them is how to market environment friendly products to consumers. This study, by the means of a structured questionnaire, intends to explore the preparedness and perception of customers regarding green marketing. It examines the extent to which consumers in general are concerned about the environment and the extent to which they are interested in green or environment friendly products. It also examines their level of satisfaction and the factors that influence consumers' intention to buy green products. Furthermore, this study discusses how the present findings may help the businesses or green marketers to fine-tune their green marketing program.

 Keywords: Green marketing, green products, traditional products, customer perception, preparedness

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