Smart Home Automation System using Hand Gestures, IoT and Service Oriented Architecture

  • Dhairya Jain, Ananjan Giri, Dr. B. Muruganantham, Dr. A. Murugan, Dr. S. Ganesh Kumar


Automation is the technique by which a process or procedure is performed with minimal human assistance and requirement. Automation or automatic control is the use of various control systems for operating equipment such as machines, factories, switching on telephone networks, steering and stabilization of ships, aircrafts, and vehicles with minimal or reduced human intervention. Home automation is the application of the automation process in controlling the home appliances and components. It can range from turning on a tubelight to controlling the speed of the fan, from changing a TV channel to controlling the processes of a microwave oven from any corner of the room. Home automation is very useful as it can help in saving the electricity from being wasted and increase the savings of the family, which in turn helps in reducing the wastage of energy resources and promotes a cleaner environment. Nowadays, gesture-based automations are getting more popular as these are implemented using hand-held devices. Gesture based automations refer to the understanding and recognising of the movements of different body parts and their interactions with the hand-held device. These body parts include body parts like hands, face, etc. These gestures are used in various other processes as well. Most of the specially abled people live alone and are senior citizens. This proposed project work is aimed to reduce the difficulties of the specially abled people, who can be free of worrying about whether the home appliances are still on or, where are the switches for those appliances and focus on their health by suggesting a hand gesture based home automation system using IOT and Service Oriented Architecture(SOA).

 Keywords: Automation, Home Appliances, SOA(Service Oriented Architecture), Gesture-based Automation, Hand Gesture, IoT(Internet of Things)

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