Implementation of Attendance Scheme using Face Recognition Algorithm

  • G.Balu Narasimha Rao., B.Venkata Anusha., Ch.Amruth., A.Sindhu., G.Trishore Baji


With progresses in figuring and media communications innovations, computerized pictures and video are assuming key jobs in the present data time. Human face is a significant biometric object in picture and video databases of reconnaissance frameworks. Identifying and finding human faces and facial highlights in a picture or picture succession are significant errands in unique situations. A computerized framework for human face recognition continuously foundation for a college to stamp the participation of their representatives and students. Here various user faces are distinguished and perceived with the information base prepared different surface-based highlights.

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A.Sindhu., G.Trishore Baji, G. N. R. B. A. C. (2020). Implementation of Attendance Scheme using Face Recognition Algorithm. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(3), 5904 - 5910. Retrieved from