Online Deceptive Reviews Detection

  • Mr.Ch.Srinivasa Rao, M.Sai Kumari, Y.Mahesh, S.Durga Risheta, J.L.S.Prasanna


Now-a-days online reviews have great blow on business and marketing. Most of the people i.e. customers read reviews the products before buying them i.e. what or from where to purchase and whether we have to purchase the products or not. Some individual people or group of people try to change the product or hotel reviews for their own concern. Positive reviews of a particular object may lead to attract more customers so that the sales will be increases and negative reviews of a particular object may lead to lesser demand of the particular object so that sales will be decrease. In this project we developed a model which is used to find the untruthful reviews. Our main objective is to find the fake reviews which are given by the users.

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