Analyzing Safety of Women in India using Bow

  • Mr. A.S. Rama Chandra Murthy, J. PhaniKanth, K. Prudhvi Venkata Teja, T. Veena Apurupa, A. Vinay Kumar Reddy


Women and young ladies have been encountering a great deal of brutality and provocation openly put in different urban areas beginning from stalking and prompting misuse badgering or misuse ambush. This exploration paper fundamentally centers around the job of internet-based life in advancing the wellbeing of ladies in Indian urban areas with unique reference to the job of online networking sites and applications like Twitter stage social media. This paper likewise centers around how an awareness of other's expectations on some portion of Indian culture can be built up the normal Indian individuals with the goal that we should concentrate on the wellbeing of ladies encompassing them. Tweets which as a rule have pictures and message and furthermore composed messages and statements which center around the wellbeing of ladies in Indian urban communities can be utilized to peruse a message among the Indian Youth Culture and teach individuals to make an exacting move and rebuff the individuals who badger the ladies. Twitter handles which incorporate hashtag messages that are generally spread over the entire globe stage for ladies to communicate their perspectives about how they think when we go out for work in an open vehicle and the condition of their brain when they are encompassed by obscure men and whether these ladies have a sense of security or not.

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T. Veena Apurupa, A. Vinay Kumar Reddy, M. A. R. C. M. J. P. K. P. V. T. (2020). Analyzing Safety of Women in India using Bow. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(3), 5890 - 5894. Retrieved from