A Detailed Analysis of Probability & Non-Probability Sampling Techniques for Business Research

  • Harshita Gupta


Data collection is amongst the foremost step to every research problem. Its significance cannot be underestimated when computing the effects on the results calculated. This paper aims to evaluate the Probability and Non- Probability sampling techniques of data collection, Also to see if any among them has an edge over the other. Data was collected through primary sources using questionnaire method, online and offline for convenience sampling (non- probability) and simple random sampling (probability) respectively. Additionally, several experts on the subject matter were interviewed for their opinion and to get clarity on the said objectives. According to Independent sample T test and Chi Square test based on sample data we conclude that is no significant difference in responses obtained through Probability and Non-probability sampling. Moreover, data collected was analysed on various parameters as Response rate, Trust amongst respondents, Consistency, Generalization etc. for both the techniques. It would be safe to presume that no technique can be said to have an edge over the other. Size of sample, Mode of data collection, Availability of sampling frame, situation to be addressed and many other factors seem to play an integral role in deciding the suitability of the technique. Interestingly we found no common consensus even amongst the experts regarding the behaviour and comparability of both the techniques. However, some of the results did align with the expectations. But no universal, standardized conclusions were derived, and it majorly depends upon the researcher and the subject matter of the problem for the applicability of the technique. These conclusions are a logical extension of the arguments that have been put forward in the earlier studies.

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