Risk Attitude and Financial Awareness of Inter-Collegiate Athletes

  • Dr. Divya Verma Gakhar, Dr. Bhawna


Risk Attitude explains an individual’s inclination about taking risk. The objective of this study is to analyse the differences in risk attitude of inter-collegiate level sportspersons. The differences in risk attitude has been analysed based on the risk behaviour exhibited by sportspersons while playing sports and risk attitude during financial and career decision making. The duly filled in questionnaires from 84 respondents were received and analysed for the study. The study found that younger athletes, who have technical background, males, who play contact sports, who are professional players, sports enthusiasts, high endowment bias, with no previous injuries and high resilience have risk taking attitude exhibited during sports as compared to other counterparts. Risk attitude for career decisions is significantly different for males and females, players with injuries, high and low resilience players. The results explain that collegiate athletes definitely have high risk taking abilities as entrepreneurs and this risk taking ability is common across all demographic categories of athletes. In the end we can say that there is no significant difference in risk attitude as exhibited by collegiate athletes during sports, career and entrepreneurial decision making, which shows that a risk taker in sports will also be risk taker while taking career or financial decisions as well. There is significant difference in risk attitude of athletes while taking career decisions or to choose to become entrepreneur.

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