Corporate Sustainability Development Business Model: A Study on Indian Perspective

  • Dr. Sunita Pachar, Dr. Shaifali Garg



The present research paper main purpose is to develop a Sustainability Business Model. Corporate Social Responsibility which was proposed by Carroll (1991) is utilized in this study. In Carroll sustainability model basically four dimensions have been identified namely economic, legal, ethical and philanthropic. Stakeholders have a great impact on business operations so it’s very important to corporate to fulfill stakeholder’s expectations to run business smoothly. The research paper main focus is to know stakeholders perspective in implementation of corporate sustainability model (CSM). To achieve this objective, data were collected from 300 Indian Stakeholders. This paper result shows that stakeholders want that company business objectives should be aligned with sustainable business practices. The study will be helpful for the managers to run sustainable business practices which include ethical, economic and social welfare issues.

Keywords: Corporate Sustainability Model, Stakeholders, Sustainable Development Goals and dimensions.

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