Psychological and Sociological Behavioral Effects on Quality of Life in Human by using of Substances

  • Dr. Nouratan Singh, Dr. Neeraj Tandan, Mr. Manoj Hatoj


Globally, more than 3 million of deaths every year recorded due to harmful use of alcohol, and this represents about 5.30 % of all deaths. Alcohol is main causative agent in more than 200 injury or accidental conditions and disease due to harmful use. Globally, overall 5.10 % of burden of injury and disease is due to alcohol, and as measured in the disability-adjusted-life years (DALYs), it represents the total number of years lost to disability, illness, and premature death within a given population. The Alcohol consumption causes injury, disability and death relatively early in life. Approximately recorded as 13.50 % of the total deaths are due to alcohol-attributable globally in age group of 20–40 years. A contributory relationship between harmful substance use and alcohol, the range of behavioral and mental like disorders, and other non-communicable circumstances as well as injuries occurred. The newest contributing relationships between harmful substance use, drinking of alcohol and the occurrence of infectious diseases like tuberculosis as well as the infection of HIV have been established. Beyond the healthiness significances and outcomes, the harmful use of substance use, drug abuse, addiction and alcohol bring significant economic and social losses to society and individuals’ at large level. In many problems, Substance usage disorders are related with numerous psychological, spiritual, psychiatric, medical, family, social, legal and economic, complications. These complications are the main cause to create a substantial load for the affected persons, their society and families. This paper analyses on the individual, family and group involvements that report these problems for clients with substance usage disorders (SUDs) their society and families. This paper also attentions on the high effects of substance usage disorders on family, and on societal problems and accentuates the necessity for substance users in treatment to the address these areas in their continuous recuperation/ recovery from abuse and addiction of substances like alcohol etc. their continuous recuperation from misuse of substances.

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