Challenging Factors and Opportunities of Technology in Education

  • Firas Tayseer Mohammad Ayasrah


Technologies in the higher education system are now given considerable attention. The use of the newest technology, software and hardware enables high quality study results to be obtained. Several studies have therefore concluded that the use of new technologies in education is important because technological convergence provides teachers and students with more chances to work better in the information age. However, certain barriers may discourage technological integration. Examining the obstacles to the use of education technologies will help educators resolve challenges and incorporate technology in everyday education. Thus, this study aims to investigate the effects of challenging factors of technology adaption on educational efficiency. A structured survey was conducted for receiving observations of 384 respondents who are teachers in Jordan and to analyse the effect. The data is analysed and hypothesis is tested by using IBM-SPSS-AMOS package 25.0. The study found that the direct effects of various challenging factors of technology adaption on education system in Jordan are positive and significant. The originality of the manuscript goes back to studying the concept in the Arab world. On the basis of the result, this research endorsed that, the development of education system in Jordan is heavily in line with consistent growth of technology adaption efficiency.

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