An Advanced Dynamic Wireless Charging System for Electric Vehicle Applications

  • Dr. K. Gaayathry, R. Arun, P. Kavin, C. Abishake, V. Boobalan, Dr. P. Santhosh


Wireless power transmission (WPT) is famous, and technology is benefiting from finding its application in different fields. Dynamic wireless transmission (DWPT) systems are emerging because of their advantages as a safer alternative for charging electric vehicles in urban and suburban areas. In WPT, the power is transported without the need for linkages from a source to an electric charge. In electri vehicles the charging of electromagnetic energy consists of static and dynamic charging. Here, Inductive Power Transfer (IPT) is carried out under the mutual inductance principle. This paper dealt with wireless charging systems for electric vehicles incorporating wireless power transfer research and innovation.The majorobjective is to transmit power using resonance coupling and to assemble the charging frameworks. The proposed structure constitutes of an AC source, transmission coil, reception coil, converter and electric charge that has been used in this research as a battery. A solution has been proposed and addressed in this paper to meet the demand for precise metering and identity validation mechanism for dynamic wirelesscharging of electric vehicles. This paper presents a billing method for paying fees to determin the amount used for charging and also the details on the permitted vehicle' balance sum. For testing phase a simple laboratory setup and a framework for wireless charging system for electric vehicles is designed. Whilst the concept of wireless energy transmission sounds complex, the research outlined in this paper has proven to be a reliable technique.

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Dr. P. Santhosh, D. K. G. R. A. P. K. C. A. V. B. (2020). An Advanced Dynamic Wireless Charging System for Electric Vehicle Applications. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(3), 5811 - 5820. Retrieved from