Smart Irrigation System Based on Iot

  • Jyothi R, Rachana S, Ranjitha R, Krishna Prasad R


Our country’s economy depends upon agriculture which is the main sector. In India, about three fourth of the countries cultivation and quarter amount of the nation’s economy emanates from farming. The various applications of agriculture using IoT are crop growth monitoring and selection, irrigation decision support, etc. It is a great task to automate the irrigation system to manage the water and save the water for the future as water is an important source of living. The main advantage of the system is to give an efficient quantity of water to the plants or the land based on the moisture content, the intensity of the light, and the temperature level which are given from the sensors. The agronomist can detect the status of his or her field through the application which can be used in the mobile which is coordinated through the cloud platform, periodically from anywhere. The main part is the technique wherein we use the sprinkler which is automated and will make a decision based on the various parameters given from the sensors. Arduino UNO which is one of the main components of this system improves the work rate of the crops. The key purpose of this system is to minimize water consumption.

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