On New Inequalities for the Fan Product of M-Matrices

  • Leena Sharma, V. H. Badshah, H.K. Patel


A few new lower limits on the minimum eigenvalue of  are our forward for the Fan product  in case of two M-matrices and B. With the help of constructing series of iterations as well as amalgamating the properties of inequalities scaling, these bounds are received. Quite a few outcomes already present, are improved by these bounds as these newer bounds are easy for calculation. Even numerical instances are provided as well.

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H.K. Patel, L. S. V. H. B. (2020). On New Inequalities for the Fan Product of M-Matrices. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(3), 5713 - 5721. Retrieved from https://sersc.org/journals/index.php/IJAST/article/view/6451