• Dr. M. Beulah Viji Christiana, Er.M.Joseph Sasi Rajan


In an era of globalization witnessed by rigorous competition and rapid economic growth, entrepreneurs contribute a lot towards the economic development of a nation. The future of India largely depends on dynamic, enterprising and young student community  who really have the entrepreneurial spirit not only to develop their own career paths but also play a pivotal role in generating employment in the country. Hence the study is focused on analyzing the student community’s intention towards entrepreneurship and the probability of success and disturbance factors they are likely to encounter while venturing into the same. Student Community’s cognizance towards the entrepreneurial motivation which enables them to create opportunities as well as in the maximization of wealth and economic development draws special attention in the study.  The research design used for the study is descriptive and the sample size is restricted to 240 students in Chennai which encompasses students from undergraduate, post graduate, diploma and certification courses . The data collected for the study are both primary and secondary in nature. Primary data are collected through a structured questionnaire and secondary data are collected through magazines, journals and news reports. Convenience   sampling which is a non-probability sampling technique is used to collect the responses. Data were analysed with the help of statistical tools using SPSS.

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